Simon Rogan Honk Kong simon 9099
Simon Rogan Honk Kong simon 9099
Hong Kong

Aulis and Roganic in Hong Kong

I am thrilled to announce that in 2019 we will be bringing Roganic and Aulis to Hong Kong. Since opening L’Enclume, my first restaurant back in 2002 it has been a hugely exciting and humbling journey to five UK restaurants holding four Michelin Stars.

Aulis and Roganic Hong Kong will be my first overseas restaurants and will both reflect the UK concepts. Aulis Hong Kong will open in January 2019 as a twelve-seater chef’s table and development kitchen followed by Roganic Hong Kong in late February. Much like London, Roganic Hong Kong will be a city-centric take on a farm-to-table restaurant concept focusing on natural wines and fresh and foraged ingredients.

With two London restaurant openings in late 2017 to early 2018 proving to be so well received we are incredibly excited to venture into another new city. Stay tuned for updates and developments on Instagram.

More information to be released soon. For PR enquiries please contact:

The Forks & Spoons Hong Kong
Geoffrey Wu
Cora Lai
Steph Leung
Christie Ip

Gerber Communications UK
Lucy Golding

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