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Rogan & Co’s Strawberry and Mint Martini

For the perfect summer tipple, try our Strawberry and Mint Martini, which is much-loved by guests at our neighbourhood restaurant Rogan & Co. You will need strawberries, vodka, mint (we use Apple Mint grown at Our Farm), simple syrup and Lillet Rosé, a French apéritif made using Sémillon grapes. Be sure to tag us in your creations on Instagram - @rogan_and_co.

50ml strawberry infused vodka
20ml Lillet Rosé
5ml mint syrup

For the strawberry infused vodka, remove the tops from 200g of strawberries, cut in half, and gently press them before adding to a bowl with 75cl of vodka. Let it sit for a few hours before straining the mix through a cheesecloth. For a more jammy fruit infusion, let it sit overnight.

For the mint syrup, infuse a small handful of fresh mint leaves into your simple white sugar syrup, leave to sit for a few hours at room temperature then remove the leaves. We use Apple Mint from Our Farm but any type of mint will do.

Pour all ingredients into a stirring glass filled with ice, stir quickly and strain into a cool martini glass.


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